The Midnight Rock Festival is being held in Lakselv. Lakselv is located in the middle of Finnmark at the top of Norway, and has got very good connections by both bus and plane. Below you’ll find information about several different traveling options and routes to Lakselv.



Lakselv Airport Banak is located close to the festival area and Lakselv town center. Lakselv Airport Banak is operated by Widerøe airline, with several daily flights between Lakselv and Tromsø, Kirkenes and Alta. During summer, the airport is also operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle with flights directly to and from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Alta Airport is located in Alta, 170 kilometers (105miles) from Lakselv, and is operated by SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe, all offering daily flights between Alta and among other places Tromsø and Oslo. Buses to Lakselv go directly from the airport, and rental cars are also available at the airport.

Widerøe (SAS)




Lakselv, being located in the middle of Finnmark, has got great bus connections with all of Finnmark, mainly through Snelandia bus company.

Time table information for Finnmark

Snelandia Transport - charter



Many roads lead to Lakselv, the E6, and several other. The festival has got good parking facilities.

A few traveling distances:

Alta – Lakselv app. 171 km/105 miles
Berlevåg – Lakselv app. 226 km/140 miles
Båtsfjord – Lakselv app. 317 km/197 miles
Hammerfest – Lakselv app. 142 km/88 miles
Harstad – Lakselv app. 720 km/448 miles
Karasjok – Lakselv app. 73 km/45 miles
Kautokeino – Lakselv app. 201 km/124 miles
North Cape – Lakselv app. 192 km/119 miles
Skjervøy – Lakselv app. 391 km/243 miles
Storslett – Lakselv app. 332 km/206 miles
Tromsø – Lakselv app. 569 km/354 miles
Vardø – Lakselv app. 351 km/218 miles
Vadsø – Lakselv app. 286 km/177 miles
Kirkenes – Lakselv app. 339 km/211 miles


These distances are based on driving through Norway. In some cases it may be either shorter or faster to chose routes through Finland or Finland/Sweden.



If you wish to rent a car to use within Lakselv or travel to or from airport other places, both Avis, Hertz, Lakselv Bilutleie (Car rental) and Sixt are all represented in town.

AVIS Car Rental
Hertz Car Rental
Lakselv Car Rental (Esso Lakselv, phone number (+47) 78 46 13 66
SIXT Car Rental