Aaaah, we’re simply digging that Trang Fødsel is ready for The Midnight Rock Festival!
They’re coming here to make us all think that “Livet det er helt ålreit” (Life’s quite alright), and it sure is! Especially when you’re rockin’ it out under the open sky, in front of the stage to well known songs that everybody knows the words to!

Trang Fødsel broke through with a big bang in 1997 with the album “Hybel”, including the massive hits «Kursiv», «Hippie» and «Livet det er helt ålreit», but also songs like “James Bond” and “Midt i trynet” (In your face) got a lot of attention and radio plays.

The next to years, the albums “Feber” (Fever) and “Damp” (Steam) followed in 1998 and 1999. From “Fever”, we have hits like “Drømmedame” (Dreamgirl) and “Manisk” (Manic), and “L.I.G.G U.N.N.A” (S.T.A.Y  A.W.A.Y) is probably the most famous and played song from “Damp” but also “Hele veien hjem” (All the way home) was released as a single and got a whole lot of radio rotation.

This is a band that will create great mood and atmosphere with they’re funny, light, merry and singalong friendly songs! You just make sure you memorize all their choruses, and show up bringing good mood, and we will make sure we present to you a Trang Fødsel in the best shape ever! 

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