Staysman & Lazz

When the music elite is twitching and rolling their eyes so far back in their heads that they can’t see straight for a fortnight, the booking group laughs out loud and almost a bit evil, because the booking group knows that the people have spoken, and the people have been heard. The music elite will just have to calm their tits and come up with a plan for how they’re gonna show that they show up for and support the artists that do play concerts that live up to their elite expectations.

In the meantime, the rest of us are gonna warm up with Staysman & Lazz’s latest songs, because they are indeed coming back to Finnmark, and to The Midnight Rock Festival 2018. When they last visited, they were beside themselves with enthusiasm, and described the Midnight Rock festival as something of the best Finnmark has to offer and said that “This beats the shit outta the VG-list concert!”. We know for a fact that both Staysman and Lazz had a rocking time at the festival, and they weren’t very hard to talk into coming back when we asked them if they would like to repeat the 2015 success. Because that was a success concert where both artists, the audience and all volunteers had a shitload of fun!

The duo Staysman & Lazz are Stian Thorbjørnsen and Lasse Jensen, and they were first noticed after winning the Se & Hør (Norw. tabloid magazine) competition Sommerstjerner (Summer stars) in 2010 with the song “Uten Sko” (Without shoes). Since then, they have been behind a ridiculous amount of hits, played sold out concerts all over the country, competed in the Norwegian finals for Eurovision, and been labeled Norway’s biggest party guarantors.
When they in 2018 visit the Midnight Rock Festival, they bring with them a long list of songs they’ve made since their last visit, and worth mentioning are “En godt stekt pizza” (An overdone pizza) which was their Eurovision contribution, «Se så glad nissen er» (Look how happy Santa is), «En siste gang» (One last time), «Alle gutta» (All the boys), «20 kilo ekstra» (20 kilos extra), «Tårnet til Carlsen» (Carlsen’s tower) and «Min skyld» (My fault).

Both Staysman and Lazz have made big leaps in their careers since 2015, but the people have definitely not forgotten songs like «Ah, ah, ah», «Brun og blid» (Tan and happy), «Lærerinna» (The teacher), «Kaptein Morgan», «Jenta mi» (My girl), «Uten sko» or their own party version of Trond Viggo Torgersen’s song “Livet er for kjipt” (Life’s a bitch).

In 2017 there were a lot of stereos in the camp blasting out songs by Staysman & Lazz on repeat. In fact, loud enough to reach the innermost corners of the booking group’s secret hangout, and it was noted that this kind of music equals party feeling and festival mood. And – because those are things that some of The Midnight Rock’s most loyal festival goers emphasize the most, we emphasize giving you exactly what you ask for!
So – drag your asses in from the camp and join the coolest party of this year’s festival!

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