Sofia Jannok

She is involved, she is Sami, she is energetic!

She is Sofia Jannok, originally from Gällivare in northern Sweden, and many may remember the young duo “Sofia och Anna” and their song “Čalmmit” from the early 2000s. She is 35 now, and a lot has happened in Sofia Jannok’s career since the millennium, and she’s become famous as both an artist, singer, song writer, radio host, actress and activist and speaker for environment, anti-racism and native people’s rights.

She has important and relevant topics on her agenda, which is reflected in her music that is strong, thematic, real, emotional and near.
She mainly sings in Sami, but also uses Swedish and English to get her messages through. The music itself is dynamic and progressive, with good beats and positive pop tones, sprinkled with a jazzy approach and powerful yoik.

Sofia Jannok is an internationally renowned musician, and she’s won a series of international awards in addition to a long list of Swedish prizes, including “Grammis” which is the Swedish version of the Norwegian award Spellemann and the American Grammys.
Jannok belongs in the same musical genre as our own Mari Boine. An important, ground breaking and strong Sami woman with solid musical quality. We are proud to be able to present this artist!

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