My oh my! Cum on feel the noize, guys! We’re now adding nothing less than Slade to the poster!
Slade is one of the biggest bands from the golden days of glam rock with 17 hits on Great Britain’s Top 20 between 1971 and 1976, including 6 number one hits, and the band is ranked Britain’s most successful seventies band by the record collection British Hit Singles & Albums. Through the seventies, they rolled out hit after hit, like «Merry X-Mas Everybody», «Cum On Feel The Noize», «Mama Weer All Crazee Now», «Cuz I Luv You», «Skweeze Me Pleeze Me», and «Far, Far Away» and made their own gimmick out of consequently misspelling their song titles.
With hit after hit, their special sound and their eccentric stage outfits, Slade was everything a glam rock punk band was supposed to be, and many of the great legends like Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Cheap Trick and Oasis list Slade as one of their biggest inspirations and role models. Extra special this year, since we have Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on the same stage.


Slade spent the second half of the seventies no longer touring only the UK and Europe, but conquering America’s audience and hitlists. They moved to America and made it big there, and for a few years they only returned to the UK for TV performances and business formalities. Which made the British audience almost completely forget about Slade, until Ozzy Osbourne cancelled his headliner concert at The Reading Festival last minute in 1980, and Slade was talked into filling his spot. What they beforehand had thought would be a farewell concert ended up being the beginning of a whole new era of popularity and hits.
Throughout the eighties we got hits like «My oh My», «Run Runaway», « All Join Hands» and «We`ll Bring The House Down».
Slade’s songs have naturally, like all great bands’ songs, been covered a lot, where perhaps Quiet Riot’s versions of « Cum On Feel The Noize and «Mama Weer All Crazee Now” are the most famous ones.

The coolest thing, in our opinion, is that Slade never has disappeared. They’ve been there in the background, their songs are on all kinds of compilation records, “Merry X-mas Everybody”  is on high rotation every December, and seriously – everybody loves it when a Slade song or two comes on at the nachspiel!


This concert should absolutely fill up the rock hungry, satisfy the long-haired oldies, and kick some life into the ones mumbling about pop and sex music, because this is gonna ROCK! Even if the old singer Noddy Holder left in 2005, there is nothing at all to worry about. He has been replaced by no one inferior – Mal McNulty, the singer from Sweet (Hey! Ballroom Blitz, anyone?) has taken over, and Slade is still steaming with power!
As far as we know, The Midnight Rock Festival and Sweden Rock are Slade’s only Scandinavian gigs this summer, and if you don’t think that is kind of awesome, you know nothing about the rock history. Here comes Sweet Slade, and it’s just friggin’ sweet.


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