We know that our most faithful Midnightrockers every single year want local music, Sami music, music they know and music they connect to good atmosphere and good memories. We bet that when we announce that we have the audience favorite Rolffa on the 2018 poster, we make a lot of people happy!

Welcome back, to the unique party yoikers! This is the band that makes the audience jump, sing, dance, cry, shout and last but not least – yoik! Rolffa’s music is best described in their own genre, party yoik, which by the website Rockipedia is defined as a mix of country, reggae and yoik. We don’t care that much about definitions, but we most certainly define Rolffa as Norway’s best yoik band!
Are you in? Are YOU in?
For those who don’t know Rolffa, this band was born in Karasjok in the spring of 2006, when front figure Rolf Morten Anti Amundsen composed, wrote and recorded the song “Partyjoik” in his own garage studio. From here, he continued together with band member Nils Mikael Hætta Hansen, producing a series of songs they shared for free on the band’s website, which led to an incredible number of downloads and a massive popularity all without a record company or any kind of promotion other than word of mouth and the music being shared all around northern Norway. Rolffa’s music could be heard at any party, from car stereos and an uncountable amount of camp stereos at the Midnight Rock camp. It’s quite magic to observe what happens when someone puts on Rolffa’s music at a party; everybody knows the procedure – get up and sing, yoik and celebrate!

The band’s debut alum came in 2008, and it’s not surprisingly named “Partyjoik”, and that summer they toured all over with a giant 11-piece ensemble, in addition to doing collaborative concerts with the band Doulva Duottar including one concert here at The Midnight Rock Festival.
When Rolffa in 2010 competed in NRK Urørt’s competition to make the best cover version of Kaizers Orchestra’s then unreleased song “Hjerteknuser” (Heartbreaker) and won second place and got Kaizers Orchestra’s permission to release the song, the bands popularity blew up and absolutely everyone embraced their version of the song. It could for a while be heard everywhere; on radio, in pubs and bars, at parties and basically in all kinds of situations.

In 2013 they got double gold for 1,5 million streams of «Hjerteknuser” and the single “Toppløs” (Topless).
Rolffa has since their debut released several albums, singles and Eps, played sold out concerts, won the Sami version of the Eurovision song contest, Sami Grand Prix, and achieved musical credibility as serious and skilled musicians, and they like to engage and captivate their audience. And the audience embrace and love Rolffa!

Home page: www.rolffa.com    
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rolffa
Twitter: twitter.com/rolffa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwHKf9jXSy5atEyIUU53GCQ
Myspace: www.myspace.com/rolffamusic