Ravage Rose

Ravage Rose may be an unknown name, but they operate inside the definitely well-known genre of rock. Hard rock! With a female singer! We like that.
Ravage Rose is a Trondheim based five-piece band with a debut album on the way. It’s coming in the beginning of 2018 and will be named “Lovers and Losers”. The first single, Mr. Heartache, is already out and can be found on all streaming services including a video n YouTube.

Ravage Rose was established in 2013, and has played a large number of gigs in the Trøndelag area, a series of gigs a in and outside of Norway, and also done a mini tour as support for the heavy metal band W.A.S.P in 2015. They have never played north of the arctic circle, so we get the honor of housed their maiden arctic gig when they are coming to Lakselv to play the Midnight Rock Festival for the first time. The singer, Tara Bloch, is from Hammerfest by the way, so we think we all should be a bit patriotic and supportive about our co-Finnmarkings.

The type of music is recognizable in every way, and in addition to their own songs, they play a series of covers of well-known classic rock songs. Check them out on YouTube! This is definitely gonna be pleasing for everyone with an ear for rock, who likes classic heavy rock and metal, and thinks a true classic rock look and screaming guitar solos are cool!

Home page: www.ravagerose.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RavageRose
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ravagerose
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq9VCMCMcik