After last year’s success, when it was packed with wild fans in front of the stage when Kevin Boine played first on Saturday, we had no choice but to invite ham back to this year’s festival. This time, he gets to end the first night, and we expect no less than it being fully packed of ecstatic people singing along in front of stage.

Kevin is 24 years old, and is originally from Tana, Finnmark. He now lives in Hammerfest, Finnmark, and just took the step from working full time and being a musician part time, to making the music his fulltime work. We think that is very exciting and are very happy to contribute to lifting this great artist who represents young, Sami belonging music in such a wonderful and timely manner. We have, because of that, not only booked him to play at this year’s festival, but also gone into a unique project with Kevin, who’s written, composed and recorded a very special song by request from The Midnight Rock Festival. We have great and exciting plans for this song’s future life, but firstly we are looking so insanely much forward to presenting the baby that we’ve had with Kevin Boine himself!

Where ever Kevin Boine plays live, lots of life and great atmosphere is guaranteed. He’s not only cool and charismatic and full of life himself, but his songs seem to have almost a magical effect on people. They seem to hit the nerve of the love of Finnmark, the Sami affiliation, party mood and rap, and makes up an amazing mix that hits the spot with both little brother, big sister, mom and dad, and even grandma, who all sing along and enjoy.
And it doesn’t only hit the spot live. The songs by this local Finnmark rapper and hitmaker are clearly enormously popular on the stereo too. He has now reached over 20 million streams on Spotify and has received both gold and platinum for his song “Drømmeland” (Dreamland) which was the hit that really boosted his career. And just like the other rapper on this year’s poster, Cezinando, Kevin Boine begun working towards a musical career in his early teens. He started writing songs when he was thirteen, he has worked with other, more established artists, posted videos on YouTube, accepted gigs both east and west, and worked his way up to really deserve all the cred he has gained as a serious musician. In 2015 he competed in Norway’s Got Talent, got extremely great feedback from the judges all along, and reached the semi final before sad fans had to see him go out. The fans love Kevin Boine, and Kevin Boine loves his fans. He is that kind of artist that gives everything on stage, but also dedicates his time to them, both “on the street” and by spending his time replying through social media, do live video chats, merch giveaways and just in general be a really nice guy.
Welcome to this concert, it’s gonna be so fun!