We have the honor of being able to announce that THE Kari Bremnes, the queen of melancholic, heartfelt, meditative and deep folk songs will be setting her long, beautiful legs on our stage to share her songs with us through her piercingly beautiful voice. And when the queen gives audience, we must realize the honor, and humbly show up to celebrate her.

With her, she brings «Det vi har» (What we have), the long-anticipated album she released in September 2017, five long years after her last album “Og så kom resten av livet” (And then came the rest of life). The album also marks the 30th anniversary of her solo debut.
“Det vi har” is a beautiful album; strong, true and vulnerable. Words that probably can be used about Kari Bremnes’ music in general. It IS strong, it is true, and it is so sore and vulnerable that it pulls your heartstrings in a good painful kind of way when Kari sings about the enormous things in life, the tiny details or both the good and safe or painful and naked truths in life. Just think about songs like Københavnerkneipe, Hurtigrute, E du nord, En elsker i Berlin, Togsang, Sang til byen, Fantastisk allerede, Litt happiness kan ikkje skade, Gåte ved gåte or Fiola.

Kari Bremnes comes from Svolvær in Lofoten, where she grew up in a highly musical and artistic family where all of them wrote poetry and song lyrics, composed melodies, mastered several instruments, sang, drew and painted. Kari was early on inspired by her older brother Ola’s favorite music, and mentions in an interview Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Donovan, Leonhard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Fairport Convention as some of her earliest influences.

Kari left her hometown and ended up getting a university degree in Nordic languages, history and theater before the songs that were “standing in line in her head” eventually had to come out, and 1986 was according to herself the turning point when she got into the studio. And in 1987, the baby was born in the form of the album “Mitt ville hjerte” (My wild heart). She followed up in 1989 with “Blå krukke” (Blue jar) and has continued to follow up with the same quality, or actually even better and better each time. She begun by putting music to other people’s lyrics, continued by collaborating with her brothers for songwriting, and has over time developed into a very capable songwriter who writes all her own lyrics.

Kari Bremnes is, just like her brothers, parents, nieces and nephews, a multi skilled artist who in addition to doing her own music, has played theater, cabarets and collaborated with a series of other artists resulting in for example records together with her brothers where they interpret their father’s poems turning them into songs like “Grågåsa” (The grey goose), “Folk i husan” (People in the houses), and her contributing to the album “Cohen på norsk” (Cohen in Norwegian) with her beautifully translated interpretations of Leonard Cohen’s songs “Everybody knows” and “Famous Blue Raincoat”.

She has received the Spellemann award three times and been nominated nine, won culture prices and honor awards, had sixes rolled from the musical press every time they have heard her new albums, and she truly is the queen of Norwegian singer-songwriting.

So, bring your lighter. Bring your loved one. Bring your heart pain. Bring your joy. Bring Kleenex. Bring whatever you want, but make sure you bring yourself. We guarantee laughter, tears, smiles, emotions, recognition, surprises and a heavenly concert experience of the kind where the feeling of it just lingers and lingers…

Home page: www.karibremnes.no
Facebook: www.facebook.com/karibremnes
Instagram: www.instagram.com/karibremnes
Twitter: twitter.com/karibremnes
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCewbFoetNqMtqCRMhqbXz2A/featured