Here is the concert for everyone who likes light-footed pop-rap and “russemusikk” (Norwegian graduation party music) celebrating partying, life, sex and love! The Drøbak duo, consisting of Adrian Emile and Karl Fredrik, offers exactly that in their song like “Nye jeans” (new jeans), “Ingen er som du” (Nobody’s like you), “Nei kjære deg” (Oh, dear) or songs they’ve done in collaboration with others, like “Dum” (Stupid) with Morgan Suele, “Ei som deg” (A girl like you) with Marcus & Martinus, “Si ja” (Say yes) with Katastofe or “Lærerinna” (The teacher) with Staysman & Lazz.
Whether they’ve worked alone or collaborated with other artists, the common denomination is easy and understandable, catchy and positive pop music that encourages good party mood, singalongs and happiness.

The guys in Innertier are both in their late twenties, and the duo comes out of the same production company behind all the mentioned artists they have collaborated with, Indigo Productions, who is also behind among others Alan Walker’s “Faded” and a whole lot of music in several other genres than the happy pop the duo Innertier offers. Although, even if words like “happy pop” can be used to describe Innertier’s music, and “russemusikk” became their springboard, their music is of such quality that Warner Music signed them as early as 2014. They’ve been on P3’s lists, played the VG-list concert at Rådhusplassen in Oslo, and been nominated for “summer hit of the year” several times.
Now we nominate them for the happy-love-sex-party concert of The Midnight Rock Festival 2018. Welcome!

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