The Midnight Rock Festival has got it’s own camp site adjacent to the concert area. During the festival, there is a whole community made up of thousands of campers, teeming with life around the clock. The festival camp is an important part of the festival experience, where you can socialize all day and all night with old friends and new acquaintances. At the Midnight Rock Festival’s camp, you can choose to camp in a tent, camper, trailer or RV. Our camp is highly popular, and it’s been sold out several years, so it might be smart to book your ticket early if you want to secure a spot for yourself and your friends.


The festival camp has toilet facilities and drinking water. We also offer shower access, through a bus that will take you to shower facilities in the town center of Lakselv. Because of the location of the festival site, we are unfortunately not able to offer access to electricity.

quiet area

The festival camp has a more quiet part, where we recommend everyone to be calm and quiet between 11 pm and 7 am.

CAMPINg ticket

Camping tickets can be purchased online, or on arrival to the festival site. All ticket sales at the festival site are made at the ticket office at the main entrance. We recommend purchasing your tickets online, to avoid standing in long lines, and to be able to choose your spot in your favorite area or street. The price is the same whether you wish to stay for only one night or throughout the whole festival. If you have bought your tickets online, remember to bring your printed ticket or your confirmation email or text message containing the QR code. Purchased tickets are non-refundable.


We offer an open wifi for you to share photos and festival moments on social media. NB: Only inside the concert area, in front of the stage. We are not able to offer wifi at the festival camp.

the camp

For buses and other very large vehicles or trailers, you will need to buy two adjacent camping spots.


Camping/sleeping in the parking lot is not allowed.

check in

The camp opens Wednesday at noon for those with pre purchased festival passes and camping tickets. The area is not available for camping any earlier. We recommend that you prepurchase your camping tickes, to simplify your check in, and save time. Please be aware that a valid festival pass is needed to use the camp.

All tickets can be prepurchased at Ticketco.


BUS times

Buses will go continuously between Brennelvneset and Lakselv town center between 6 pm and 10 pm, and 2 am and 6 am.


general rules

For everyone’s safety and general happiness, we recommend we all follow a few general rules.

·         The festival camp has a lower age limit of 18.

·         You may only use your own camping spot. No camping allowed in other people’s spots.

·         You must follow parking instructions given by the camp security guards, to avoid fire hazards.

·         Party tents must be secured with plugs and spears, to avoid be taken by the wind. This will be controlled by our safety guards, to make sure the safety of all festival guest and campers is taken care of.

·         Trash bags will be handed to you upon arrival, and you will be offered more trash bags during your stay. You can also ask for trash bags if you need them, and/or have not been offered one by the guards. Full trash bags should be thrown in one of the dumpsters, or left at one of the trash stations. If you take care of your trash, you will contribute to a better experience for everyone, and we won’t have to spend our weekend in a dump.

·         All vehicles that are not RVs with a purchased spot needs to be parked outside the camp, in the parking lot, after you have placed your camper/trailer in your spot. We do not allow any parking inside the camp area.


All rules only intend to secure a great festival experience for everyone. Happy camping!