of the legendary Twisted Sister

When Twisted Sister visited The Midnight Rock Festival a few years ago, it was a huge success. Not only for the audience, but also for the members of the glam band who all had a rocking time at Brennelvneset. Dee Snider was deeply fascinated by the place, the nature, the atmosphere, the drinking and drunkenness, and us completely bonkers people, and that’s why we have invited him back – and he said yes!

This time, as a solo artist, but his repertory consists mainly of Twisted Sister material that we all simply love, and he is most definitely the same mad man on stage whom we can’t but love, and it is absolutely Dee Snider who IS Twisted Sister even though they sadly disbanded in 2015 after the drummer passed away.

The band Twisted Sister was founded in 1972, but they didn’t really succeed until Dee joined them in 1976. He was, is and will always be the front man we all know, and he has written all their songs. Soon after Snider joined the band, well known songs like «I'll Never Grow Up Now» and «Bad Boys of Rock 'n Roll» came out, the EP “Ruff Cuts” was released, and finally their debut album “Under The Blade”.

This really made things roll for Twisted Sister, and they landed a record deal with Atlantic and released the success “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n Roll”, which gave them attention from Monsters of Rock, Top of the Pops and the new music channel MTV.

The significant breakthrough came in 1984, though, when they released the album “Stay Hungry”, containing the indisputably best-known songs “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock”, that we bet at least one t-shirt that everyone will be singing along to as loud as they possible can.
Well – I do wanna rock. Do you?

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