It is with pride and joy we present the P3 (radio channel) favorite and Spellemann (most prestigious Norwegian music award) award winner Cezinando.
Cezinando, you guys! He’s coming here, to us at the Midnight Rock Festival!
The rapper, who over the last couple of years has won the Urørt (P3’s contest for unsigned bands and artists) final, two P3 Golds, and won Spellemann awards two years in a row, is the kind of artist that stands out among similar artist with his strong, naked lyrics that soon will be heard at Brennelvneset and the Porsanger Fjord.  

The 22-year-old from Oslo, Kristoffer Cezinando Karlsen, turned up back in 2012 with his EP “Cez 4 Prez”, and had already earned some cred within the rap and music communities after having joined rap battles and participated in Jaa9 & OnklP’s Gatekunst (street art) project that introduced young rap talents.
Two years after the EP debut, in 2014 when he was 18 years old, he released his album debut “framtid:sanntid” (future:realtime) to extremely great critiques where he was compared to some of the really great American rappers. Two years after the album debut, he won the 2016 Urørt final with the song «€PA», that was put on heavy rotation on radio, and Cezinando was becoming a well-known name. When he followed up on the Urørt success with the album “Barn av Europa” (Children of Europe), the ball seriously began to roll for the young rapper with the original style. The album critiques in the music press were unanimously fantastic, and a far broader audience embraced and celebrated his music. In November the same year, he won a P3 Gold in the “newcomer” category and the jury’s reasons were “Cezinando has in a short amount of time made his mark as a solid and inventive artist. As a songwriter, he is formidable in his way of mixing witty and important lyrics in a playful way. With his impressive presence on stage and in the studio, he’s got a solid hold on many young people. He challenges and develops the rap genre by unfolding himself creatively on several levels and is at the same time able to be credible. Cezinando is an artist that’s got what it takes to continue to make a mark for a long time.”
In 2017, for the Spellemann awards 2016, Cezinando was nominated for three awards, and won two of them. When the album “Noen ganger og andre” (Some times and others) was released in 2017 and a yet again unanimous music press rolled fives and sixes while they praised Cezinando as a great songwriter on the top of Norwegian music, and the song “Håper du har plass” (Hope you have room) went to the top of the charts, Cezinando’s name became seriously famous. He won a P3 Gold for the second year in a row, this time for “Song of the year”. For the Spellemann awards 2017 that happened in February this year, he was nominated in four categories, and won two of them. Also the producer of the album “Noen ganger og andre” won the prize for producer of the year.

“Håper du har plass” became one of the really significant songs of 2017, and it has really hit and meant a lot to many listeners, and been compared to OnklP’s song “Styggen på ryggen” (The demon on my back) that a few years ago became one of those songs that belongs to everybody because it tells something so common but still so sore and private. And that is when Cezinando does in his lyrics – he puts words to those sore, private and primitive feelings in such a brilliant and catchy way that you just have to dig him.
We believe that this is gonna be one of the big highlights of The Midnight Rock Festival 2018. One of those moments that will go into our history books and be remembered by everyone.
Welcome to this show, you really do not want to miss it!

Home page: https://www.cezinando.no/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cezinando1111/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cezinando