Atle Pettersen

Let us present Atle Pettersen, guys! Atle Pettersen is now 28 years old, comes from Skien and is so much more than a good looking tv host, and few people know that even if his solo music is in he pop genre, he has a solid background in progressive rock and metal, and now also within R&B which is the genre his upcoming album belongs in. Exciting!
He has been an artist his whole life ever since he joined a choir as a child, learned to play several instruments, wrote songs, played the church organ as a teenager, and competed in and got famous through different shows like MGP Junior (the  Scandinavian junior version of the Eurovision) in 2003, UKM (a national youth culture/art/music competition) and Kjempesjansen (Talent show on the national broadcasting channel) in 2006 and  Norwegian X-factor in 2010.

He became famous in his home county Telemark after he and his progrock band Above Symmetry was the UKM county final, and this band still exists today under the name The Scheen, founded in 2012. They released their debut album «The Scheen» in 2013, and in 2014 they won the worlds biggest band competition for unsigned bands, Emergenza.
Atle got his big, national breakthrough as a solo artist after his second place in X-factor, and the year after, in 2011, his solo album “Based on a true story” came out and reached third place on the Norwegian hitlist. The first single, “Light on” reached 8th place, and the single “Shine” sold to gold.

Through the years between then and now, Atle has been visible as both a musician, model, musical singer, contester in Stjernekamp (music genre based tv competition for artists in Norway), and a host for different shows and programs on NRK (the national broadcasting channel). However, what’s happening now is what’s really interesting and exciting! Atle has been to Los Angeles, and he’s had a creative breakthrough as a songwriter and found his soulful silk falsetto and his talent for writing modern, sophisticated R&B with a sensual vocal and groovy pop hooks, with a distinct club beat. The release date for his upcoming album is not yet official, but a teaser named “Ready to love” is out as both a single and a music video. The video is absolutely worth checking out – Atle appears as an urban gentleman; sophisticated, sexy, smooth and confident. The song on it’s on is soulful, sexy and catchy, and we look forward to hearing more of this at Brennelvneset!

Ready to love video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9rFzYD6Lz8
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